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toddler only wants mom

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Picture this it’s finally your time to take a shower to wash your 4 day’s unwashed hair and put into a Mom bun. Just as the 3rd shampoo wash is taking place a knock knock is on the bathroom door. There seems to be no time for just moms to have basic needs met because toddler only wants Mom.

Toddler Years

Transitioning from infancy to toddlerhood can be an overwhelming journey for little ones as they embark on a path filled with unfamiliar experiences and obstacles. In this pivotal stage of development, they depend greatly on their mothers for reassurance, direction, and a sense of security. The bond between mother and child flourishes during this time, deepening with each shared moment of support and nurturing. Toddlers often look to their mothers as pillars of strength, seeking guidance and comfort as they navigate the complexities of life. It’s through this mutual reliance and affectionate connection that the foundation for a strong and enduring relationship is established.


Never Alone

The perpetual presence of a little one, coupled with their insatiable need for attention, can certainly present its challenges. Even during brief moments of separation, they linger prominently in your thoughts, a constant presence in your mind and heart. My toddler only wants mom, the weight of guilt for not always being readily available weighs heavily, underscoring the ongoing struggle to balance responsibilities while yearning for cherished moments with their children. It’s a delicate dance, navigating between fulfilling obligations and nurturing precious connections, each decision laden with the desire to provide the best for both parent and child.

Well Deserved

Your dedication and commitment to being the best mom possible during these testing years are truly commendable. As you and your little one embark on this journey, filled with exciting adventures and precious moments, it’s essential to remember the importance of self-care. Amidst the joy and excitement, prioritize moments for yourself, indulging in much-needed pampering and attention. Replenishing your energy reserves is vital to keeping up with the boundless enthusiasm and energy of your adventurous toddler. Remember, taking care of yourself is the first step in ensuring you can continue to provide the love and care your little one needs.

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toddler only wants mom

Take those moments to savor a refreshing shower, ensuring you have some well-deserved time for yourself. Lock the door for privacy and make sure your co-parent is involved in caring for the little one. This time allows you to rejuvenate your mind, body, and soul, bringing balance to your role as a parent. Embrace the joy of being your toddler’s primary source of comfort while also recognizing the importance of self-care and support from your partner.

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