How To Harness The “2 A.M. Moonlight Manifestation Window”

How To Harness The “2 A.M. Moonlight Manifestation Window”
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There is a window of time when you are most open to transformation. Your rem stage of sleep – is what we call the Moonlight Manifestation Window.

When you drift off to sleep with our unique audios, you will reach the delta dominant brainwave frequency – the hypnotic language that rewires your brain.

The Deep Sleep Layer

This frequency will relax you so that you sink into your bed. As your muscles lose their tension and sink into the bed, your mind stops its chatter, and you are left feeling wonderfully calm and peaceful under the moonlight.

The Storybook Scripting Layer

Why do we call this Storybook Scripting? It is the secret language to change your core beliefs. You are probably not aware of your negative core beliefs. But if you tune in carefully, your core beliefs show up in your words and actions.

The Manifestation Acceleration Layer

This Quantum Field Energetic sound does precisely what the title states. It accelerates, solidifies your deep desires, and brings forth your manifestation at lightning speed.

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